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Q.      Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take all major credit cards.

Q.      We are a bigger group.  Can you accommodate us?

Please call us or write to us an e-mail: then we can talk and find a solution.

Q.      What time is breakfast?

The breakfast is from 8am to 9pm. If you need breakfast earlier please talk to the management if they can arrange it for you.

Q.      What do you serve for lunch and dinner?

We have a menucard where you can order from.

If you are a larger group and you are staying for some days we can arrange a buffet for you.

Q.      Do you have mosquito nets on the beds?

Yes we do.

Q.      What time is check in and check out?

You must check out at 10Am and you can check in is at 12 Noon

Q.      Do you have towels and soap?

Yes, we provide towels for the rooms and for the pool as well. Handsoap is in every bathroom.

Q.      Do you have airconditioning?

No, but the huts are cool inside because of the very high ceeling.

Q.      What Currencies do you take?

We take US dollars and Ugandan Shillings.

The dollars must be 50 or 100 bills. If you bring small bills the banks exchange rate are very poor so please bring only big notes AND only notes that are new. If the bills are older than 2006 the banks refuse to take them. If the notes are old, torn or written on the bank refuse them as well.

Q.      Internet, Electricity and Water?

In Uganda these external suppliers are not alway relaiable. Sometimes the internet can be off and then we just have to be patient with "Uganda telecom". If the electricity is off we do have a generator. We turn it on in the evening from 7PM to 10.30PM.

The water is rarely off but if it happends we can buy water for the toilets and showers. Sometimes townwater can be dirty as well.

We can not be responsible for any external suppliers, mechanic/hardware breakdowns or fault.