Visit our babyhome in Masaka

Just 10 min. drive from banda Uganda Child Care has a babyhome with about 25 children. You are very welcome at the home and you can also bring clothes and toys to the home.

Visit Café Frikadellen

Another 10 to 15 min walk from Banda, Uganda Child Care has a danish Café. Here we serve danish, italian, greek and chinese food. Every Friday they have a big BBQ buffet served from 6pm. (Please book a table at the reception) 

Buy souvenirs and gifts

At the UCC Café you can also find our Craft shop where you can buy gifts and souvenirs to bring back home.

Try our danish "snobrød"

If you have kids with you then try can our danish "snobrød" at the fireplace in the evening after dinner.

We make the twisted dow for you then you put on a stick and bake it over the fire. It is actually very tasty with jam or nutella :-)

Banda Hall

This is our underground Banda Hall where you can have your conferences, parties or meetings.